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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight

I appreciate your point of view, but we seem to be on two different subjects. I was speaking more to the first post (i.e the effect a single article has to it's specialized audience i.e fly fishers). You guys are commenting on bad behavior, irresposible and inconsiderate people. Until we can identify that class or group of people that illegally use treble hooks and leave worm buckets on the stream, we'll never know how often they read Fish&Fly magazine, and certainly won't know which article brought them to Greenbrier (or your favorite secret hole). My belief is that unfortunately, these certain few will continue to show up, dump trash, net fish, whatever, regardless of what is written in a destination article.

Btw, thanks for picking up trash along the streams. I think we should all do the same.

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