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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight

I have noticed that there are much more people on certain streams in latter years than say mid nineties. This is a result of the Internet and again I'm not so much opposed to sharing the stream.
I just think they're are more people using the public resources because there are just more people. Not because of something they read. Rural areas are disappearing rapidly and people have no where else to go to fish and such. I know there are some ignorant people that can't find anything without the internet but the Park Service has been offering maps for years. Besides that, finding water inside the Park is obvious.

I'm afraid that the trash is always going to be there because the smokies is the most visited National Park with over 12 million visitors a year. It's up to us to be the stewards. I don't mind caring for that beautiful place by donating my time. Maybe we should get a trash detail started though the Park Service.
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