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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight

I have been flyfishing for nearly 35 years. I can honestly say, anytime these articles come out, there is a significant increase in fishing pressure on the streams noted. If anyone remembers a few years back when the movie, "A River Runs Through It" came out, the number of fly fishers exploded, albeit, temporarily when everyone thought of the serenity of flyfishing (or thought they would be the next Brad Pitt . When I first started fly fishing, I was a four year old who's father started us on the NC side of the Smokies flyfishing. We also practiced in the streams of Cherokee, NC. There was scarecely any pressure then, and hardly the occurrence of trash that we now experience. A previous post was correct in this sense; there are flyfisherman (sportsman) and there are people who flyfish. They should not be confused as one usually respects the surroundings they are fishing in and works to ensure the long-term survivability of these surroundings for future generations. The other simply wants to wet a line for a day or a weekend and could care less what happens to the streams when he is not around. In the last year of fishing the smokies, I have managed to accumulate a number of garbage bags of nothing but fly line and tippets that people have broken off and left on the banks. This stuff is not bio-degradable and does not come from the "other" fisherman who drown worms and for some reason think its acceptable to sow canned corn in the streams. This is from our fellow flyfishermen who for some reason, see no need to practice picking up their own trash, let alone, someone elses'. As with Tnswede, I also carry a garbage bag or a Wal*&%^ bag in my waders just to pickup the trash I experience on the stream side. I don't do this for any accolades, I just want to preserve the streams for my children who are now flyfishers in their own right.
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