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Default Doublecamp Creek

Fished Doublecamp Creek in between thunderstorms Saturday afternoon (5-8pm). Caught so many fish that I wouldn't even want to guess at how many there were. Started with an EHC and had 1 suck it down every other cast. Switched to a yellow sally and had them jumping out of the water trying to get it. I had more strikes on the yellow sally, however I caught less fish. They were hitting so hard that they were jumping clean out of the water to get it and most either missed the fly, or knocked it out of the way trying. After I finished fishing, I drove up Doublecamp Road and didn't see another fisherman (only campers) along the creek. Here are my thoughts on why I was the only one fishing there Sat.

1) You have to drive by stocked fish to get there
2) Most people are allergic to lightning
3) It's rumored that the Park Service turns it's nusance bears lose there, so, there's a better than average chance of becoming a bear t\/rd when compared to other places
4) The place is polluted with snakes, mostly poisonous

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