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Default Re: Man stabbed at Abrams Creek Campground

If I could Just "pile-on":

Guns and alcohol don't mix.

what kind of trouble willl one get into if caught carrying a gun in the park, makes me wonder if it is worth the trouble one would get into. This is the 2nd murder in the park this year
I've asked the same question in past although, several people took offense to my suggestion that my fishing vest was getting a holster. We were fishing the opposite end of Abrams, near the foothills, once upon a time, when some"good old boy" approached my friend talking about how the park took his family's land away, and how we were fishing on what <USED TO BE> his family's land....he didn't seem too welcoming and might have crossed the line into the "slighty threatening zone."

I didn't see a moonshine still in the background, or anything like that, but if anyone is interested, I understand that corn whiskey makes a nice gasoline additive:
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