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Default Re: Caney Fork Redneck

Hey Grumpy, she didn't look bad in her pedator camo, that matched the river using man's. From your posts I Never would picture you as a little rat that I met on the river that day. I have learned to just move on instead of getting confrontational plus I was not real crazy about standing in the mans waste since I was down stream.. But when I do see people abusing the fish or breaking the law I will say something.
*I did get into a confrontation at the sme spot a couple years ago. My son and i were fishing the same strech of river, He was 10yr old at the time and was just getting use to wadding. I moved to a spot aliitle down stream and got into the stockers real good. I told my son to move down, whch took him a little time to work his way down. about the same time a man came off the bank and wadded up to with in 15 feet of me right were I wanted my son to stand. I politly asked the man to move down stream because I wanted my son beside me, he had heard me tell my son to move down. He informed the this was a public river and he could fish where he wanted. About that time I was no longer polite and after a few words he moved just far enough that my son could squeese in. I traded places with my son which put me where my back cast was flying over the mans head. He got tired of that and moved on.
* * *At the same spot I met a man fly fishing and he asked if it was OK for him to take my my son and work wiht him on some fishing skills. He said that he was thinking about becoming a guide and enjoyed working with kids. They stayed with in 20 yards of me so I said OK. My son had a great time and learned alot, sometimes coming from someone other than a dad they seem to listen better. Just goes to show that you met all kinds on the river!!! *
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