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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight

I too read the article. I thought it was well done, and especially liked the quotes from Paula in the article. I find it a bit far fetched, however, that the throngs will be headed some 3,000 feet or more to catch a 3-4-5-or 6 inch fish. I liked the article because it reminds me when I am in the Smokies, that is exactly what I like to do. I know that you who do fish this area know how difficult it is (or can be). I have been to Townsend now 4 times and truly enjoy the fishing there, but have also seen the same type articles for the Au Sable in Michigan. This type of fishing in the Smokies is difficult, and I would venture a guess that first timers would be a bit disappointed. As far as the trash issue goes, I have picked up my share of it as well.
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