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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight

I have visited at least 30 U.S. states and lived in 3 diffferent one's and none are as littered as Tennessee.
I take it you've never been to Georgia, then

I don't think you guys are getting my drift here. I'm talking about working with the Park service. Not only to physically help them with removal but to help them educate people. It's all marketing man. People are like cattle, they just follow the herd. What if more of the herd thought badly of litterbugs? I'll just bet if the Park sevice saw a group of people working hard to take care of the Park then they would be more likely to listen to those people and their ideas. Now are you catching my drift?

I do get a lot of strange stares though. I guess they think I'm on DUI detail or something.
I've been thought a fool by fools many times. I consider it a compliment.

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