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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight


I see your point but I respectfully disagree. I don't see any hope in educating people who don't have an interest in keeping it clean. The only thing that works is not democratically possible. You probably know what I mean? Singapore and gum comes to mind. Anyway, I appreciate you thoughts on this. Let's just agree that If more of us would carry a bag it will help. Forget about trying to educate people who doesn't care. If it does not have an economic incentive to do something or not do something Joe Public won't respond. I guess I'm getting bitter in my old age.

As for Georgia being littered, yes it is everywhere, but I believe the reason why Tennessee stands out is the fact that the politicians doesn't prioritize litter clean up in our state. Anyway, ANYONE GOING FISHING THIS WEEKEND? I HOPE WE DON'T GET TOO MUCH RAIN.

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