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Default Greenbrier/Ramsay Prong Report

Went up to Greenbrier this afternoon to fish for a few hours. Decided to try my 6.6' 2 wt for a chance. I used to fish real small creeks like Collins Creek, Beech Flats etc. but today I used it on upper Greenbrier. I had forgot how fun this little rod is. I caught and released 9 Brook Trout and 2 Rainbows before it was time to check out Ramsay. I immediately lost a decent sized Brook Trout in the first pool. I fished upstream for about a quarter mile and caught 8 Brook Trout. I missed quite a bit but that's the name of the game. The water levels were good and the water was cold. I saw some sporadic Little Yellow Stones but nothing spectactular. The park was crowded today with picnickers but I only talked to one other fisherman. Two guys were rigging up when I was leaving at 7:30 pm. I guess they were hoping to fish for an hour or so on the evening hatch. This has been a very good fishing weekend with two trips back to back. My feet, my back and my knees are hurting and I am constantly reminded that I'm not twenty years old anymore. I just pray that I will keep healthy and somewhat fit enought to visit these my favorite places in the park.

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