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Default Re: Greenbrier/Ramsay Prong Report

Glad to hear from you. Yes I know the appeal to make something by yourself and then use it. I have decided to start rod building this fall when fishing season is over. I'm just scouting the market to see what's out there to purchase, as you know there are way too much stuff to be had. Anyway, I'm glad you caught some fish up in Ohio. I hope you are able to find a job in a location you rather be. I know it is competitive but one of these days as they say. Let me know when you are coming back up? I'm going to fish some waters I haven't fished in a long time this year. I'm thinking two places in NC, inside the park. Next weekend is troutfest in Townsend. I might stop at take a look at that. Take care and talk to you later.
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