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Default Re: Southwest Colorado

If Pleasure Park is not running flatbottoms up the river, cross small river just east of campground, and head upstream on the trail. There is also a trail on the south side of the Gunnison, but I am not too familiar with the particulars. You can catch good trout within sight of PP, but the farther upstream you can get, the better it is. August and hoppers/crickets is great. There is camping, but unless PP can run you up there, have to carry it all in. Are some outfitters that can square you away.
Have also fished the Mesa Lakes. Butz is boom or bust; I imagine they are all like that.
I understand it is possible to hike into the canyon, but from what I have heard, it is a bridge too far for this old Ranger. Is a good outfitter in Ridgeway; there are some streams in that area, and also some small lakes. We fished the tailwater out of Silver Jack Reservoir.
In any event, you will be in a great place.
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