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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Well as I said I would make these posts, so I will. Spent last weekend on Snowbird and the water was mostly high and off color.. As things cleared the fishing did improve. My swung streamers went unnoticed in the high muddy water on Saturday. Sunday morning the water was alittle clearer and lower. Managed a few fish on the Golden Stone Dry # Not enough to make me feel really good about it so I changed to larger and smaller and did about the same. Did well enough on the dries to ignore the nymphs. I fished with a friend until dark Sunday and we hit a big pool before dark and waited for rising trout until dark. I waited and fished the wrong fly (#14 EHC) and came up empty. My friend fished a stimulator and caught a couple in 30 minutes, one of which was a 16-17' wild (and fat) brown! He had no idea it was a big fih, it was sipping so daintily! He was fishing a 7' - 3wt. Yes the fight took a while. I will be back in that pool Saturday as the sun sets with any luck, fishing a Stonefly! In the 3 hours fishing side by side we probably managed 10 fish, broke off two, one on the strike, the other a nice rainbow should have been netted, ran downstream from upstream (once the leader was in the tip and broke off) nearly breaking the rod in the process! A hike up on Huckleberry Knob with frisbee in hand on Saturday was beautiful. If you have not made the hike, it is an easy one off the Skyway to a big bald at 5,500 ft. The veiws are fantastic.
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