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Default Re: Harrisburg Area/PA

*Hans, I saw your request and I joined to give you this info. The site above will give you info on flyfishing in Pa. There is a message board also. I used to live around Harrisburg and grew up there. In Dauphin County ( Harrisburg), there is public access to Clark's Creek and Stoney Creek. Both are 10 minutes north of Harrisburg. The Yellow Breeches, and Letort Springs are in Cumberland County. Public access is readily available to either. They are perhaps 30 minutes or more to the Letort and the same to Yellow Breeches. If you are staying near Harrisburg, the streams in Dauphin and Cumberland counties are the ones to go to. The creeks up near State College are over 60 to 90 minutes away.
Hans if you get on the message board above, there will be guys willing to set you up.

A few years ago on the Southern Flyfisheman board , you gave me some useful info about fishing the Smokies that was very helpful. I hope this info can help you.
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