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6)Carry a snake bite kit and a small bottle of ammonia
7)Bill's snake bite treatment--(Like i said before this is what he told me)If you get bit--act as fast as possible--1)lance the bite with a sterile blade2)cut deep--don't stop cutting until you feel the blood running3)Pour ammonia over the lanced bite-wipe clean--pour again(Bill said ammonia will neutralize the venom!!)Apply a tourniquet--get it pretty tight--loosen when needed--Go to an ER.If you lance the bite correctley a suction cup will work well.Do not rinse the bite area with stream water--

as a physician i would strongly advise against the medical treatment espoused above...except the getting quickly to the er part and not pouring stream water in the wound. that is good advice

there is an old adage in wilderness medicine..."the best snakebite kit in the field is keys to a vehicle in good running order"

1. never lance/suck the wound in the field. studies have shown that this is ineffective in removing the venom and may cause excessive tissue damage and bleeding as well as infection. the suction cups have failed to demonstrate efficacy in studies and using your mouth is well...gross...and also introduces more infection

2. NEVER use a tourniquet to restrict arterial flow. this causes more harm than good. the use of a constricting band to decrease lymphatic/venous flow has been suggested in serious envenomations (ie mojave rattler) but carries real risks and uncertain benefits. if you do not know how to properly apply not do it.

3. do not pour chemicals on the wound. they can cause more local tissue damage and will not help

my advice

keep person calm. immobilze affected extremity and keep at level of heart. transport quickly to er. make sure the doctor is well versed in snake bite treatment ...i would request that they contact a medical toxicologist. there are great ones at vanderbilt in nashville and carolinas medical center in charlotte
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