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.My question is-----If a snake bites you---what do you do?like i said--i think dr dan is right,but i think dr dan answers no questions--his comments are negative,vague and about as instructional as kissing your sister.
I think that is a little unfair. * His advice is to get to the ER ASAP and don't do anything to make it worse.

Things that make it worse include tournequets, incisions, creek water, chemicals, and ice.

At a point, you pass "first aid" and go to medical self treatment. *If there is no hope of professional medical treatment for, say, 12 hours, I wonder if incisions and tournequets would be of any benefit anyway. *Left to my own devices, I'd have to hope I got a dry bite (20% are) or a very small dose rather than risking opening an artery or causing gangrene. *

Doing some google work, you see that 8000 snake bites are recorded annually in the US resulting in fewer than 12 fatalities per year. *I think the moral is, don't panic.
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