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Default Re: Snakes sorry you found my post negative and vague.

what you posted is quite frankly dangerous advice. i'm not sure how much more specific i could be.

the best way to not get bit is to avoid harrassing snakes. timber rattlers are actually quite reclusive and shy animals and it is rare for them to act agressively. their numbers are in significant decline due to loss of habitat.

there is only one other rattler in tn...the pygmy...but it is only found in the western part of the state and they are even more reclusive. the only other venomous pit viper in east tn is the copperhead. its venom is less harmful but still requires antivenom sometimes.

i would not alter my hiking plans due to fear of rattlers. the chance of getting bitten is incredibly remote if you act responsibly.

if a bite occurs

keep calm
get to a hospital as quick as possible
if you are by yourself, get out as best you can. communication is very difficult in the back country. i would not sit and wait to be extricated. while it is ideal to immobilize the limb that might not be possible if you are by yourself. basic first aid is about all you can do until you reach civilization.
incisions are of no benefit and actually cause harm
dont use a tourniquet
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