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dr dan--sorry about my abrasive way--there is a product called a Sawyer Pump .I get faxes at my pharmacy on this thing about every day--it is part of this company's snake bite kit.To use the pump you must first lance.Have you ever heard of such a gizmo.
Lets say you have just been bitten by a snake.You are by yourself.It is August and very hot.You are 300 yrds from a road that leads to your vehicle.From the road you are still 300 yrds from your truck.Do you walk out slowly or fastOnce you get to the road,should you stop and wait for help?.It is hot,you are very upset,your heart is beating a mile a minute,the swelling is starting,What now?
I have fished the Smokies for over 30 years.I have not had a close call with a snake.I have seen several copperheads and 1 rattlesnake.
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