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Default Re: LRO saves the day!

I had a similar situation a few years ago when Northwest Airlines sent my fly rod to Shriveport instead of Chattanooga. Paula would not let me rent a rod but insisted I borrow one for the day. I don't get back to fish in Tennessee very often, but whenever I hear of someone who's fishing the area I make sure they know about LRO. Unfortunately we all live in a Wal Mart world now so it's refreshing when good old fashion service is practiced.


You restored my faith in humanity on that trip. *

To the board readers, David came in just days after a person walked off with a pair of waders and boots we had loaned him when he claimed his were lost. *:-/*I was reluctant to loan a shop rod since we had just been burned. *He was so crushed at not being able to fish that I gave him one of my own rods to use - that way if he did not return it, it would be me who lost out....(it was my very first fly rod,

Instead, he gratefully returned the rod and has been a great customer ever since. *

We appreciate all of your really great comments about the service we give. *We will always do everything in our power to provide you with the best experience when you shop with Little River Outfitters.

Thank you all!

Paula *
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