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Default Re: Caney Fork Redneck

Posted on our BB over the weekend, 2 guys came down the river in a boat upon a guy FF'n, words were started, one guy get's out of the boat & advances on FF'r, he takes off vest & lays rod down, redneck chickens out, get's back in boat & they leave.
This was reported by an observer ready to take up the slack if the other guy had decided to join in.
I know it's getting warm & all, i go to the river to get away from everyday stress/life to enjoy myself. The last thing i want to do is get into a fight, the last thing i would do is back down from some yokel as well.
L ike the rest of ya, i try to get away from the crowds, a few fish & hours of enjoyment shouldn't be ruined by someone "dropped" as talkingpaul mentioned.
Let's hope the crowds will start to thin out as the temps& holidays get fewer in between.

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