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Default Re: Caney Fork Redneck

Quote: is humorous to hear about people yelling at him for ruining "their fishing spot" when he literally owns the river and bar they are fishing from. he has no problems with people fishing...but will not tolerate people who abuse his family if they want to enjoy their property.

fighting over fishing is silly...and has the potential for something really guns getting pulled
I couldn't agree more that it's silly to fight over fishing but sometimes people push too far. You have to stand up for you rights, sometimes. Just like the friend you mentioned, I bet he would fight to protect his family. BTW, I used to own TVA tailwater property but I never did think "I literally owned the river". If I did, I think that would've been potential for heated arguements. Your friend is right to hold his tongue but if his family is envolved then I also think he is within his rights to do something about it.
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