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Default Re: advice for elkmont fishing

I like the elkmont area,the fishing is very good especially in the summer.A few summers back,i was fishing next to the campground.The campground was full of campers.I think i was fishing a ant on a #5 tippet--i got a strike and realized i had a nice fish hooked.In fact it felt big on my 6'9" 3 wt rod--i played the fish for several minutes--It was a nice smallmouth--when i got hold of it and raised it out of the water--a loud noise erupted behind me--i turned to find at least 20 campers watching from the bank applauding,a group full of smiles.i was embarrassed so i did not bow--released the smallmouth ---later returned to my truck--the campground was like a little town on vacation--i think the smokies brings out the smile in us all.
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