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Good morning Hans. You will probably catch larger fish if you go upstream, but you will see a lot of the same problems as you fish that section also. You will be going into a gorge for about 1 mile as you travel upstream and it is also some of the most beautiful water that you can imagine. I would seriously consider taking a friend on that trip. It's not extremely rough, but you can't just climb out easily either. You will come out at a group campground at the upper end and it's a long walk back to your car. You have to climb back up the mountain (via a gravel road) and hit the road to MT. Sterling and Waterville to get back to your car. It's pretty isolated. Consider using a small midge dropper under that Stimulator while you're fishing thru there or possibly a small dark soft hackle. They seem to like some movement in a fly in that stream. I think that you'll agree after you fish the creek that it is some of the most beautiful dry fly water in the Park. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip. If you can get hold of a camera, please take pictures.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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