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Default RE:Byron's story on nymphing...

In the fishing report Byron told about a gentlemen who used a nymph and small split-shot sinkers to nymph with and no strike indicator. I took up this great sport of fly fishing about 6 years ago. I was in Townsend on vacation and decided to bike up into the park on morning. I stopped and watched this gentlemen fly fish. I had always been intrigued by flyfishing and after watching him and the setting got me hooked. I taught myself by reading articles on the internet and magazines. Even after 6 years, there is not a fishing trip that goes by that I do not learn something.

One interesting article I remember stated that if you are not getting hung up every now and then, you are not fishing nymphs correctly. Makes sense. The reason I use nothing but sinkers and bead headed nymphs is because I had trouble trying to tie on the strike indicator. So one day, I just said to heck with it and done it the old-fashioned way. As a boy I always kept my right fore-finger under my line while fishing using a Zebco reel for a bite and it still works for me today using my 4 wt. fly rod. I have an extra spool I take with me that has a 12 ft. sinking tip that helps a lot also. Last week while fishing in the park I caught most of my fish on a hare's ear nymph. I still like to feel the "tick...tick" of a trout digging for the nymph and trying to set the hook at the right time. Most of the time I miss, but when I get lucky, it makes it even more satisfying.
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