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Default Re: RE:Byron's story on nymphing...

This is really off the Smokies trail, but I know what y'all are talking about when nymphing. I have fished the Frying Pan in CO a few times, and everyone knows abt the "meises" (sp?) shrimp that were put in the reservoir above the dam to feed the lake trout. Well..., they don't all stay in the reservior, and the trout that feed below are huge and very smart. I once stood in the river as two browns at least 24 inches each used me as structure to feed behind, but for the first two times there I was skunked in the trophy water below the dam with shrimp. Finally caught abt a 16' brown on the rig, and while I do not care if I ever get back to the FP, finally scoring with that nymph rig was worth the trip. I just have to put that river in the too hard pile. Watson
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