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Default Re: what size rod for small mouth?

I fish for smallmouth bass more than anything else. Where I fish (creeks and small rivers) you'll catch anything from a six inch bass to a seven pond rod breaker. I normally take three rods with me, and often switch off at certain times of the day. I'll usually start out using a Scott G series 6 weight rod just to see what's feeding. If it's small fish I like to use another Scott rod I have in three weight, but often bring a four weight instead. Late in the day I like to use either the six weight or a
medium action 7 weight in case I latch onto a large mouth. If your using smaller weights you have to learn to keep them from getting into the current as they'll snap a leader right now. You also want to goto a bigger rod when using big crawdad imitations.
good luck & wade safe
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