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Hey Guys, I called Weinbrenner a month or so ago and asked for a dealer package.
I never got it. *I called again today and was assured I would get one by Friday.
They are a huge shoe company and fly fishing is a tiny part of what they do.
Also, they don't have a sales rep in our area. *All I know is from my past conversations
with them that they are nice people. *That's all I know. *I'll keep trying. *

well Bryon, I'm waitting to see if your gonna sell them. If you do I'll be wanting a pair of size nines next time I'm down your way! I can get them in Montana, but at least want to be able to try them on just to see if the size is right. In the meantime I'm still wearing that pair of Danners (finally got them broken in), and they are about as comfortable as any I've worn (but heavy). I might add that the taller boot really helps my ankles.
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