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I guess I really didn't answer your question, FRW.

Leaf Color AND the quality of fishing depend on RAIN. *Usually after the 3rd week of October, most of the yellow and orange (leaves) have dropped. *What you will see a good amount of is red during that time, though. *Now keep in mind, the colors and depth or quality of color all depends on rain. *Here it is June 16th and it seems as if we are in the middle of August. *Not a good sign for a banner year of fall colors. *Keep in mind, though, we've seen these trees every year and are somewhat spoiled. *A good friend of mine, and a fly fishing guide I must add, from Wyoming came out a few years ago around 10/25 and was breathtaken with the color. *To us it was a little late in, for the most part, a pretty dry year, but he helped us to see things from his perspective.

The fishing can be pretty good that time of year as the trout are preparing for the winter. *This Old Park up here always holds some sneaky and unpredictable tricks up her sleve, but no matter what time of year you're here there will be plenty of beauty to experience and the anticipation of the next strike.
May you fish more than you wish for.
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