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wv flyer-that was a great post--daughters are special--that is for sure--fishing the park gets to you----talked to a lady today who has been going to Gatlinburg for 30 years--HAS NEVER BEEN IN THE PARK--said she is afraid of the bears--have known her for many years--she was married once--she has been a widow for about 20 years--says gatlinburg is full of single men--the park is NOT full of single men----Shut your ears Paula-----I'm here to say with confidence that if the bears of GSMNP had a rep of being lovers rather that eaters and if they had a job,and retirement,and a nice vehicle as well as a house,preferebly paid for,then the lady I conversed with to day would keep a full time tent,front flap open,at Elkmont--12 months a year--unafraid of snakes(if a snake was to bite her--it would kill the snake deader than H--)--She says there are many people like her--non-park types--I found that amazing.
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