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Default Good 'ol Sipsey

After being run off the Sipsey by an unscheduled generation I have to admit my opinion had dropped considerably on this close to home tailwater stream. So after 3 months of grumbling and groaning my son and I decided to try it out this morning. We live in Birmingham and are exactly one hour to the water, which is great if you want to fly fish. I had checked the generation reports for a few days and it looked like because of all the heat, and lack of rain they were saving their generations for peak power time, afternoon. We arrived around 7:30am, to that great misty morning fog. It was going to be a hot one, but for a few hours we could enjoy the coolness of the river, before the sun burned off the mist. I had a large caddis on with a bead head nymph trailing about 4 feet. I immediately took a fish on the nymph and continued for the next 3 hours to catch and release over a dozen fish. I forgot how much fun these fish were. I lost at least 6 fish to acrobatics (and a barbless hook) and missed at least that many more. None of the fish hit the dry, but were rising all around me. Since I was catching so many, I decided not to worry about the dry, but will probaly try a big ant or hopper next time. A few of these fish measured right at 12 inches and were stockier than most of the fish we caught in the GSMNP. If you can hit this little beauty early in the morning and during the week you will have loads of fun and certainly get those fly fishing juices flowing again.

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