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Default Re: Fly Fishing Line

I've always wondered why fly line had to have such brite colors?My thinking is,if I can see it a half mile I know a trout can see it coming for a mile away!Yes I,ve tried the gray ; but you can,t find it in the right wt. Suggestions needed!

It's all about LOOKING GOOD on the water......would you rather watch a guy/gal casting a gray line or an orange line!!!!!!! Who cares about catching fish

Really, and interesting story here. When SA came out with it's XXD line, it was offered in mist green and orange, the mist was a 105' line and the orange 120'. This was the line that was used in casting competitions by the "big guys" (and they all used ORANGE). Anyway, SA has replaced the XXD now with the ED, and it is only offered in mist green. SA has been inundated with calls for the ORANGE color.......go figure
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