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Default Re: Caney Fork Redneck

I am going back up this weekend and camping with my son and one of his friends. Hopefully only the good rednecks will be there. I just came back from the Great smokey mountians and was proud of both of my children. My daughter at the age of 8yrs old respects nature better than most adults. we past some rocks one a back county hike that had peoples names written on them, my daughter turned to me and said " You know I hate people littering, but that will one day go away. but daddy these names on these rocks will last forever, won't they?" I think that I need to get her to give lessons to people like the one's I met in the river. She also caught a trout on a rooster tail in Gatlinburg that was foulhooked in the gills. I did all I could do to return it alive but it struggled at our feet for about 20min. She turned to me and asked it I ould catch it in my net and give to the man that was keeping trout that was fishing down from us, so we don't let it go to waste, because she didn't think it was going to live. When I gave the trout to the man and his grandson I also gave him the rooster tail She was using, you would have thought they won the Lottery. Like I said I am one proud Dad.
I will give a report after I return sunday on the Redneck hatch on Caney Fork.
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