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Default Re: Crayfish fishin'

Not sure what you want, but I'll give it a try. I fish the Licking River streams with a small 1 to 1/2 inch crayfish. I love Will Ryan's crayfish. Tan dubbed fur body, (keep small)rabbit fur pinchers, hackle legs, pull deer hair over top as shell. Fish this with an indicator like a nymph. I fish with floating line and weigh the fly to match water depth- Mainly shallow where I fish. Gary Borger's Fleeing Crayfish is great also, I like it for lakes. Both flies are simple to tie and work for me. My streams are usually slower running than the streams coming out of the park, so you may have to add some shot to your leader.

Check out Harry Murray's Book and video's. His techniques work great for "cool" water fish, when my honey do list is too long to get to the mountains.
Randy Sale
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