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Default Re: Greenbrier Saturday June 24th, 2006

A WARNING to any neophytes (newbies) out there. Respect the river in Greenbrair. The bottom I think, in especially the lower places, rivals Abrams for slipperiness. Wear Felts on the bottoms of your wading shoes and be very careful wading. Especially in Greenbrair and Abrams. These are my two favorite "swimming holes" I also busted a favorite 4 wt. in Greenbrair as I fell . *For sure awesome beauty, Greenbrair Cove can't be beat. *

Tennswede Thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn't make it this month. As for the emails, some folks need to stop and ASK THEMSELVES who helped them out at some time to make their sport more enjoyable. I have a "Paradise" on the Northeastern end of Yellowstone where I very seldom see Trout under a foot unless its a Brookie. 35-50 fish days of 12-18 inch Cutts and Bows ON TOP are common. I very rarely fish early morning or late evening. Some of the streams I fish come out of YNP but I hardly ever venture into the YNP. My wife claims that fish "just jump on the hook there" when describing it to people. *I got the tip to explore this area after being in a flyshop (North Fork Anglers)in Cody and discussing my plans. One of the guides, realizing the types of fishing experience I wanted steered me away from a "Magazine Article" stream where I was heading and said to check this area out. I did over several years and found my "Paradise". Describing general areas especially in the park shouldn't do much harm. When I've been asked for help on a stream in the park, etc. I try to use it as "a teachable moment" slip in the rules-single hook, no bait, and then slip in C &R and Barbless hooks.
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