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Default Re: Greenbrier Saturday June 24th, 2006

Anyways, I just got a little riled up about the tone in the email I got. I am going to talk to Paula or Byron or Daniel next time I'm in the store and I'm going to ask them if they feel that I should stop giving out information. I guess I just got hurt this time. I had the best day in the park period and I felt excited about it. I also remember how hard it can be for a person visiting the park for the first time or someone who is new to flyfishing *to adjust to our kind of fishing.

Byron and I are on vacation....tarpon fishing in Florida, but got blown off the water by rain...I was just checking in on the board and noticed this thread. I could not help but comment. At Little River Outfitters, we have no secrets....none....period. We share info with our customers...all of them.

So, I have two words for you about whether you should stop giving out information:


Feel free to continue sharing your info and enthusiasm on this board. You are an asset here!

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