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Default Re: Harrisburg Area/PA

I should have mentioned with Letort, though there are plenty fish, it is notoriously stingy in giving them up. *I fished it 3 times before I caught a thing. *On my fourth try, I partially cracked the code (probably an equal amount of luck) and caught 2 trout. *On subsequent trips, I still considered one fish an hour a phenomenal success, but if you catch them surface feeding, you can have a much better rate. *If you want a good chance at a lot of fish, Yellow Breeches and Clarks are better options. *But visit Letort anyhow and if it is being stubborn, you can always move to Plan B. *

I think the key to Letort, for topwater action anyhow, is to stay back from the creek and observe. *Getting a top-feeder to give himself away before he gets spooked is your best chance to catching them. *If Trikes are hatching/falling and you locate the mating cloud (or if any other hatch is on), put yourself downstream of a likely holding area and watch the water carefully. *The creek has an abundance of undercut banks and though you will sometimes find risers mid-stream, you will more likely find them on the edges. *Be conscious of your shadow and keep out of the water except to cross or if needed to get proper casting position. *If you're in the water and are going to reposition more than a few yards, it might be prudent to go to shore or at least to walk gingerly to avoid spooking fish upstream.
Please bear in mind that I have no idea what I am talking about.
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