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Default Re: Greenbrier Saturday June 24th, 2006


yes i got your voice mail on saturday am, i fished about 2 miles above the end of the road at tremont, it was great, i had some non fishing friends w/ me and they got to see me catch lots of fish frm the trail. In the afternoon i fished littler river and did good also, actually kept a couple nice bows for a camp fire dinner. we camped up at look rock, what a nice campgroung.

also, after you posted a while back about chatalooche i got the bug and went down there for a couple days, lots of fish and solitude. the elk were an added bonus.

have you ever fished up snowbird creek? i hiked up there a year ago or so and it was awesome, it's some real wilderness. anyway, perhaps we plan on hiking back in there sometime, it's well worth the drive for some excellent brook trout fishing.

i've been killin em at my local tailwater in indiana - i will email you a pic of the 22" brown i caught there a couple weeks ago, it was an absolute hog, fat and a big hook jaw, as i was fighting it we thought it was possible a big carp by the way he was just boring deep and not budging - it was quite a rush - he was caught on a size 20 phesant tail. he was released to fight another day

talk to you soon

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