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Default Re: Abrams--Tremont---Roaring Fork--June 27,28,200

I could not believe the type of action I found on Roaring Fork--There were no other fisherman(that I could see)--It is a small stream--I counted 9 fish in one small pocket--I think you could have thrown a corn cob,and let it float down a bit,a you would have got a strike--at times,8 to 10 foot casts would take a fish--the fish seemed healthy--there was dark,green shade-rain forest style.The water was cooler than Abrams and Tremont--would suggest at 6ft'ish rod--things get cramped at times--Was using 7 1/2 ft leader--I wish it had been shorter--If this was a fluke--then so be it--It was great fun--I read about Roaring Fork at a book store--in a SMNP Fishing handbook--the writer classified this little urban strean as "very good"---I think it is very good--Would like to read any other Roaring Fork stories--also tell me about leaders,tip.size etc.--plan to try RF again in the early fall-It is a strange little stream surrounded by blacktop--If you are looking for serenity--you've got it on Roaring Fork as long as the sounds of moving vehicles,kids crying,dogs barking,Harley's popping,doesn't bother you.
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