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Default Re: Early Smoky fishing

There were tourists, of course, even in the 40's, but nothing similar to now. Never anyone from Memorial Day to Labor Day. April and May were the highlights of the trout season. High water in the Spring would have pushed lots of trout from the "Park" (where most had been stocked) into Gatlinburg, where they were fair game for hellgramite and worm fishers. Lots of smallies and big rock bass. Also a chub known as "knotties" or "knot heads", which we kids would snag on their spawning runs and sell to the tourists as "trout". Gray hackle yellows and royal coachmen were the flies of choice (bought for .15 cents with snells attached). In the "Park" when the going was tough we would add cheese or bread to the could be snapped off the hook if a ranger appeared!
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