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Default Re: Early Smoky fishing

My grandparents lived in Sevierville and my earliest memories are from the 50's....back then there were no motels in Sevierville and only a couple in Pigeon Forge that handled the overflow from the tourist mecca of G'burg. Sevierville had a motor court behind my grandparents' home and occasionally they would call late at night with a plea from a stranded motorist....back then you could leave their house and be fishing above the Park HQ in about 20 minutes.....then came Dollywood and all the excesses.....the Park used to have a hatchery at the Chimney's picnic area that was also a campground....never went there back then that you didn't see at least one bear hitting the garbage was closed from Sept. 15 until April 15 and you fished under regulations that were actively enforced under threat of confiscation of equipment, fine and banishment from the Park for a year....could always see locals fishing with cane poles and stick stringers full of trout....could drive all the way to Fish Camp Prong and beyond and tube hatches were few and far between....WProng of the Pigeon was a sportsman's stream where everything under 16" was to be returned....40-50 fish days there were common.....and no one had yet to see a brown trout in the park....
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