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Default Re: Delayed Harvest on the Little River

I like the permit idea, Sage. G'burg has a $2.50 a day permit to fish their water. Though its easier for them seeing how they have their own hatchery. I would think this would be a city issue with local business's being involved in the project. I don't think we're talking about a lot of cash other than the fish being stocked. I think a stocking budget of 5-$10,000 would be more than enough to keep fish in the river. It would be up to local LE to make sure everyone is legal.

My concern with a DH is local land owners dealing with fishermen on their river banks and such. Kind of like the tubers. I don't think they would mind as long as the fishermen stayed in the riverbed. I can't see anything else holding it back. Winter is usually the only time land owners along the LR don't deal with crowds. Although, the way I see it, Townsend is a tourist town. First and foremost.
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