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Default Re: Rod flex?

Howdy Rusty & Vern,

As I was reading Vern's response it occurred to me that Vern's experience seems to confirm this line of thought, but does so from the other direction.

In other words if I understand Vern's post, he is saying that while fishing th park he was using aTFO Finessse which is a slower rod by comparison to the "tip flex" rod used back home. This sounds to me as if Vern either was or became accustomed to a more aggressive set needed for the TFO, but upon attempting to use the faster rod, his set was too aggressive, thus snapped the tippet.

In my case when fishing Metcalf, I found myself not being aggressive enough thus not setting the hook well enough when using a slower rather than faster rod. I have also later found myself ducking to dodge my own fly when later reverting back to a faster rod after having fished the slower one.

I suppose when all is said and done it's a matter of which rod you find easier to use or to be more comfortable to use.


PS: Rusty it's good to see ya posting, I've not been as active of late with so much going on! I continue to hope for the day we get to meet up and wet a line, maybe chase some Brookies .
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