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Default Re: Delayed Harvest on the Little River

Simply put DH or Delayed Harvest is a system in which a "season" is established with specific rules that prohibit any harvest of fish while the season or rules are in effect. All fishing is essentially catch and release until the season or "DH" ends at which point fish may be kept or harvested according to the regular creel limits set for that region.

Having such a season enables fish to be stocked that are in some cases a bit larger as well as the fish that are caught and released to remain and grow larger, not to mention a bit smarter. This in turn helps provide for a greater opportunity for those who participate or fish during "DH" to experience better success in terms of numbers and size of fish that are available to be caught.

Some states will use waters or rivers that are marginal trout water for "DH". For example a river that is too low in elevation thus perhaps too warm to maintain a trout population during the summer but can sustain them well during the fall or winter, may be stocked during the fall and winter for "DH" and later in the year such as late spring it may be opened for harvest.

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