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I agree with the zebra midge. I prefer the black body, fine silver wire for a rib, and a black tungsten beadhead. Just use tying thread to build up the body, then wrap the wire the opposite way to reinforce the thread.

Another midge pupa pattern that has been performing better than the zebra midge for me lately is the v-rib midge in olive. Just put a small bead on a "scud style" hook, attach a section of olive v-rib material. Wrap that forward to the bead, tie it off and whip finish. The segmented and shiny look of this fly seems to really appeal to the fish. Works for me anyway. I caught a few above the jail yesterday with this fly when little else would work. You can tie it with black v-rib also, but the olive works a little better for me.

I also caught a couple on a size 20 midge emerger. It was tied on a scud style hook also. It is basically a parachute style fly with a trailing shuck. Gray body with a black sewing thread rib.

Don't forget streamers! Some of the biggest fish I ever caught on the Clinch (and other tailwaters around here) have been on Dean Campbell's Christmas Bugger.

Good luck!
Charles M.
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