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Default Re: Dean Campbell's Christmas Bugger

Hey 15yrold,

The Christmas Bugger is tied this way:

TMC 5202 streamer hook Sizes 6-10 (I like size
Red tying thread
Micro size lead barbell eyes
Olive Grizzly Marabou for the tail
LOOSELY dubbed, olive dyed squirrel fur for the body

Tie in the eyes (on top of the hook shank) about 1/4 hook length behind the hook eye, then move to the hook bend and tie in the marabou tail. Wax up your thread and LOOSELY twist on the olive squirrel fur and wrap forward to the lead eyes. This thing needs to be bushy and ugly! Wrap the thread on past the eyes and build a good head up to the hook eye. Whip finish, dab on some cement, and you are done.

This fly will ride hook point up since the eyes are tied on top of the hook shank, so don't be afraid to fish it in some tough places. I like to swing it on the upstream side of the "ledges" that are found on the Clinch and South Holston. You can get some nice fish that hang out under the lip of the ledge, but don't forget to fish the downstream side of the ledge also!

Good Luck!
Charles M.
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