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Default Re: Dean Campbell's Christmas Bugger

Oops, here are the recipes for the midge patterns:

V-rib midge:

Hook: TMC2487 or any scud style hook size 16-20
Head: Gold brass bead head appropriate size for hook
Thread: Should match body color (I prefer olive)
Tail: None
Body: Small size V-rib material (again, I prefer olive)

Slide on bead head, tie in the v-rib material at the head, then wrap the thread over the v-rib half way down the hook bend. Sometimes it is useful to flatten the v-rib with needle nose pliers to make a slimmer body (just the part that will be overwrapped). Once you wrap the thread back to the stopping point, wrap it forward to the bead. Take the v-rib material and TIGHTLY wrap in forward to the bead. Tie it off and whip finish. The smaller the hook size, the tighter you should pull on the v-rib while wrapping it.
I find it tough to go any lower than a size 20 hook.

Midge Emerger:

Hook: Size 20 (smaller if you dare)
Thread: Gray, the thinner the better
Wing Post: I use orange calf tail, but anything you can see and will still hold the hackle wraps
Tail/Shuck: Gray antron, not too much
Rib: Black sewing thread
Body/thorax: Gray superfine dubbing
Hackle: Grizzly or Medium Dun, sized to match hook

Tie in the posting material just like any parachute fly. Move the thread back on the bend, tie in the shuck, then the rib, then dub a THIN body to the post. Wrap the rib forward and tie off at the post. Tie in the hackle on the post and wrap three times around, tie off and finish the head.

When fishing this one, only apply floatant to the head and hackle. That way the shuck and the body will be under the surface film, just like the real thing. I've seen people tie and fish these down to a size 24, but my eyesight will allow neither! Some folks will tie this in olive also.

Hope all this helps.

Charles M.
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