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Go with lightweight breathable. Still fine in winter if they are big enough to put some layers under. If you are still growing, don't spend a ton of $ on a pair without buying them big enough to "grow into". My first pair of breathables was a set of Orvis Clearwater, because the $ was affordable. I used them 2-3 times a week and they lasted for a little over a year. Really disappointing. I have put probably 5 tubes of aquaseal on them and they still leak like a sieve. I now have a pair of Patagonia's. Don't know the exact model, but they were considerably more than the Clearwaters. I'm glad I spent the extra $ but probably could have found a better value. Keep in mind that I fish hard and cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time because I'm in the park mostly. Tailwater fishing seems to be a little more user friendly on boots and waders. Chris or Daniel at LRO will have some good advice on which way to go depending on your budget.
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