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Default Re: Caney Fork Redneck

OK, just have to put this in. Some of you may know Dr. Brad Cook, the TN Tech professor who teaches some entomology courses for LRO (BTW, he is a great guy. I was a student of his in college. We called him Sasquatch. Rather, some of the Water Center researchers/grad students did; he was too nice a guy for me to call him that).

Anyway, he was fishing the Betty's Island of the Caney and was approached by a man with a shotgun. The guy demanded that he leave, saying he was trespassing (he wasn't). I think the guy with the shotgun ended up leaving before it got too heated. If anyone is in contact with Brad, yall could ask him for the full story.

I've had plenty of experience with rednecks over the years. I was born and raised one in rural TN, but I don't claim the redneck heritage that other folks from this area sometimes proudly do. Redneck to me means poor education, teen pregnancy, loud camaros, meth labs, hate crimes, subsidized living and xenophobia. I think the best way to handle rednecks is to pity them, because they often come from environments that contribute to such behavior. After you are done pitying the redneck messing up your fishing, then react however makes you feel best. I would have told that guy who called you a dumb _ of a _ to "go to _ you stupid _ _ redneck." But depending on my mood, I may have just walked off. Just do what makes you happiest!

Having said all that, my wife's family in Albany, NY is surrounded by a neighborhood where there are 3 huge, jacked-up trucks. And her extended family, like mine, is full of jobless, ignorant, drug-abusing rednecks. They live everywhere, from Biscayne Bay to Mt Rainier to the Catskills. So they aren't just a southern thing. I want to be clear here: I don't blame anyone for a poor and rural upbringing, lacking opportunity. But I do want to help them out of their squalor. Sometimes calling a redneck exactly what he is might be the best thing for him to hear. If you go too far with your help, be able to run fast, like me.
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