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Thanks for the info. * When I was down there last (and it was this time of year), I caught everything (which wasnt much) on a nymph. *I dont know what it was called that I used (something my brother turned me onto) but had a cream/yellowish body with 5 or so wraps of red thread on the end (think there were some of those very fine feathers attached that are tied in to form a sort of a loop, maybe Paula knows what they are..) * We nicknamed it a "red head" and had a lot of fun with them until they ran out *:-? *I couldnt get them to hit on much of anything else, and am certain I tried everything I had. * Eventually turned over a few rocks in the stream and seen several cream colored eggs attached to the bottom of one of them so that is what tipped me off to the color. * Had I been aware of LRO at the time, no doubt I would have went to them for advice and would have had more success. * *Have picked up some tips on here from a poster by the name of Tennswede, among others, as well. * Isn't this board great? *

Had a lot of fun late one afternoon on the water that exits the park at Greenbriar. * There is a covered bridge that crosses it and it was obviously stocked. * We fished just upstream of the bridge. *My daughter caught her first trout ever (and on a fly line) * *using a white San Juan worm. * *

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