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Default Re: Good time on Abrams

Thanks for the responses...
If I am short on time, I usually just hike from the trail head in to about where the trail starts its uphill climb leaving the water ( which I understand is where the Big Horshoe ends if you were to continue to hike the ridge and get in the water to fish upstream.) and fish from there and up into the spring section. It's doable in 3-4 hours...
I haven't fish the cove section past the road bridge, I would think that there are some fins there, just have to find them - but the water is wamer...
If you want to fish the loop - go on any day but Sat or Wed when they close the loop to road traffic till 10 for bikers. Although I haven't done the loops yet, an early start at day break has been reccommended for the big loop but the small loop just before the falls is do able in a half days time...and go with buddy.
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